Christina Henry​Hello, my name is Christina Henry and I have a passion for pixels! I’ve loved playing with pixels since the 80’s when I first learned to design greeting cards with The Printshop and my dot matrix printer. Enjoying the evolution of this digital medium, my design work is a true reflection of me; multi-dimensional, flexible and constantly evolving. Much of my work is inspired by the natural world weather it be from the gentle swoop of a flower petal, the tantalizing texture of dirty concrete or the varied hues of Mother Nature’s palate.

I currently live in Mesa Arizona where I attend ASU’s prestigious Fulton School of Engineering where I’m completing my Masters in Graphic Information Technology with a focus on design and marketing. During school I work at ASU’s Print & Imaging Lab and do freelance work on the side. In my off-time I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing with my cat, riding motorcycles and creating other art including traditional, digital and pocket scrapbook designs and Geek Chic home decor & gifts.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your design jobs! I would be happy to discuss the right plan for your business.